I am a product manager with focus on data science and persuasive technology. I worked in venture capital.

Venture Capital & investing

Product Management

  • built and launched subscription payment APIs @ PAYMILL solving complex subscription use cases for A-customers. Features included multiple layered (as-)synchronous billing periods, multi-currcency and metered billing, plan and subscription management, automatic multi-language invoicing, scalable big data metrics and reporting with influx db
  • built and launched complete SalesForce.com CRM @ PAYMILL and managed up to 6 cross-functional teams of department managers, engineers, SalesForce engineers and administrators. Features included intelligent sales lead management, partner management, merchant onboarding processes, support workflows, cloud document management and reporting dashboards. Led recruiting for SalesForce developers and developed in Apex and Visualforce. 30% cost reduction, 80% increase onboarding efficiency
  • built focus.ly: sophisticated distraction-blocking software designed along psychology research to help students concentrate better and reduce procrastination. Based on research on multi-tasking by Stanford professor Clifford Nass
  • built pc-optimist.com: computer service crowdsourcing platform for small enterprises connecting students with computer expertise from multiple disciplines with local businesses. our batch optimization scripts help clients to make their pc’s upt to 40% faster.

Data Science