I am an expert generalist with experience in product managemet and data science. My background is in behavioral science and experimental psychology. I worked in venture capital.

Venture Capital & investments

  • filecoin.io – blockchain-based storage network and cryptocurrency. raised $257 million (private investor sale)
  • easyscoring.com – AI scoring algorithms for b2b loan procurance in the e-commerce sector (investor and board member )
  • Mila.com – led investment at Creathor Venture, acquired by Swisscom.ch (IRR > 100%)
  • pc-optimist.com – founder, computer service crowdsourcing start-up for small businesses connecting students with IT expertise with local businesses.

Product Management

Data Science

I have a background in experimental psychology and statistical methods. I taught introductory statistics courses on inferential and non-parametric statistics. To enhance my technical skill sets I completed the The Data Incubator data science training bootcamp in Silicon Valley (2017), which is an in-depth coding bootcamp tailored to PhD students to prepare them for working as industry data scientists. Admission to the programm requires programming tests oral exams and is harder to get into than Harvard University. I am particularly interested in:

  • learning at low false positive rate
  • fraud detection / anomaly detection
  • automated ML pipeline building (meta-learning)
  • data visualization using RShiny, plot.ly and ggplot2
  • experimental design and evaluation with robust methods (e.g. mixed effects modelling)
  • algorithmic trading using machine learning and time series analysis

I am proficient in R and Python. See GitHub. My favorite topics are

Publications, Conferences & Workshops